viernes, 25 de abril de 2008

“School rings and seniors privileges.”


The reading is basically about how important is for seniors’ high school students to have “the ring” that represents all those years that they have spent in high school, is like a reward that it is given only to the ones who are in their final year of high school. Also that ring is inscribed with the student’s name; moreover the author affirmed that the ring creates a sour of bond bettwen all the members of senior year.

According to the reading seniors also look forward to be in the final year of high school to enjoy the special treatment that the school give for them, like for example give them leave school after the last class, also left them park its cars in the high school parking lot, among some others benefits they have or enjoy. The main reason the author give for the before reported is that those privileges created a sense of responsability and make them grow up to prepare them for the adult life they will confronted.


The reading was very interesting, because while I was reading I could remember all those years that I spent in high school. Althought they weren´t my best years, and who has not passed bad moments in high school?, I always think about them and how they made an impact in me as a person. I mean how in some way those years and specially my senior year helped me to mature and to developed social skills that later were very helpful. Moreover the senior year of high school have an special appeal because its always has the signature of been the most significant and remembered for high school students.

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