domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

"The Importance of English in the Global Era"

The article written by Nia Imaniah, a high school girl, give a brief approach about the importance of English in The Global Era, how English has helped or is trying to help countries, that its native language is not English, to solve internal or even international conflits trough the use of it in diplomacy, for example.
Moreover, the author explain how technology is a usefull tool for all the humanity, like computers that allow communication around the world, and English is often used in computers, softwares and programs. Therefore is necessary to have the ability of understand English, in order to not to get left behind in the global era. Also, Nia Imaniah emphasized the fact that the majority of books are written in English, so in order to have a better education is important to be able to read English, as students we have more appourtunities to get Knowledge.
Around the world tragedies, wars, catastrophes, among others events has happen and a way to communicate them effectibly is trough the media and is in the most speaking language, English, all this according to the article.

Nai Imaniah says "...English can create peace and unity among people in the world." all this because English has an important influency in the world so it is used and spoken by the majority of people ( this means that it is an universal language that could be use to have better relationships bettwen countries and the human kind too) and I agree on that but I also have to disagree in the fact that she in times overvalued the power of that language and I meant with this that peace and unity are achieveble by doing things and not by talking them about trough this we could actually have a better world where everyone had the same oppourtunities to succed.

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