domingo, 4 de mayo de 2008

Negatives effects of alcohol abuse on adolescence and the elderly people.

This article explains the effects of alcohol abuse in younger and older people and how alcohol modifies and has emotional impact in their life. According to, First (2007) “The effects of alcohol abuse on adolescents is very different from the way problem drinking effects adult alcoholics.” The author gives further details about those differences between young and old people, how alcoholism is developed by diverse approaches. Moreover, Richard First certainty says alcoholism has a bad effect in adolescence and adult people and that is mortality, mainly in car accidents.
The author assumed that besides differences there are also similarities in the way alcohol affects negative teenagers and adults: psychological, financial, emotional, among others. Furthermore, First (2007) affirmed that in adults the drinking problem is even more traumatic and strong because usually are used others sort of drugs to consume alcohol, and they actually have easy access to drugs.

The article refers to a very interesting topic that concern society currently, because it has became in a disease almost inevitable for most of the families around the world. Alcohol is usually a product of easy access for all of us, and how there are people that go through right in front of it and does not care about it? and, how there are people that get stuck on it?
This sort of drug is affecting nowadays millions of people, that take alcohol as a way out to overcome their problems but there is the mistake alcohol it does not help to solve any kind of problem is the other way around it help to make even more difficult and confusing the situation in life.

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