jueves, 15 de mayo de 2008

Global Growth Population.

The global population growth has become a worsened problem according to what Lindsay H. (2001) wrote in her article, she indicated that even when it is a good news that each day children born this causes the overcrowded of countries. Also the article report that in recent researches the overcrowded is a major issue for economy, food supplies, health care, among others problems. The author affirm, that for developing countries the problem of overpopulation is even worse than in developed countries, for, the reason that developed nations have a major consume of food, products, and others supplies; therefore, developing countries obtain only what developed countries have missing.
Furthermore, the article examined what countries like U.S are trying to do, in order to try to help the overcrowded problem not only in theirs countries but to try to help others too. Also, the author informed about the consequences of an overcrowded country; and, how the environment gets affect trough the overpopulation of countries, because, they produce a large amount of garbage, and; also needed larges resources to live. The abortion, is other subject that Lindsay (2007) mentioned, she alleged that abortion is use in countries like China in order to not to overcrowd cities; otherwise, countries like U.S are anti- abortion.


The overpopulation has became a big issue for countries and cities, this is causes for the people that it is searching new opportunities to overcome poverty; and are looking for a new path to go into. Currently, the situation has grown, and become even worse especially to poor developing countries that do not have the resources to survive with so slightly food, water (that it is a resource, that, we take for granted), cloth, among others. Nations are truly concern about this matter, but you have to question yourself, what are you doing to try help too? because, population growth is not only a issue of one government.

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