domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

Summer barbecues and vegetarian diet

Summer barbecues and vegetarían diets

The article talks basically about two American cultural facts, barbecues and the most recent that is vegetarian diet. Barbecues, as “summer barbecues and vegetarian diets” explain, has its beginning in the cowboys time and Americans have make a truly life style of barbecues, however this sour of food affects people health so vegetarian diets have became a fashioned tendency for those how want a healthy life style. Also, barbecues are signatures of America eating culture, like in Venezuela we have Arepas, trough barbecues Americans throw out especial social events.

Moreover, vegetarian diets “summer barbecues and vegetarian diets” give further details about the subject, how in last few years several American have change the meat eating habit and they prefer eating green. Furthermore, most of the restaurants, diners, among others, have support the eating green habit and now they sell healthy food, for people that prefer green. The vegetarians, according to the article, have found other sources to supply the organism of calories, in order to not to suffer for any other sickness for the lack of food.
Eating habits are a cultural fact in all countries, each has their own eating habits, so personally I support mixed food, and eat few of everything is the best way to stay healthy. Food is the most wonderful thing in the world so why not enjoy; you do not have to be obsessed with food because if you do it, then food it will be the only thing you are going to have in your head.

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