miércoles, 16 de julio de 2008

Alcohol's Effects on Cognitive Abilities

Alcohol’s effects on Cognitive Abilities by Virginia Tech:
The article affirms that alcohol consumption definitely affects the cognitive abilities of the human being and especially for the college students which cognitive abilities are so important to succeed in the academic performance. Furthermore, the five main abilities that consumption of alcohol affects are: coordination, discrimination, acquiring, storing and comprehension.
In addition, the studies made by Virginia Tech demonstrated that alcohol consumption even in small doses still affects the cognitive abilities before mentioned. Consequently, the academic performance decrease because the brain does not work in a proper manner so the student could be able for example to write and essay or having a test or even attend to classes. On the other hand, the article found that not only the college student who drink are affected by alcohol but others students who does not drink are affected because the ones that drink suddenly interrupted their studying session or their sleep. In conclusion, Virginia Tech states that alcohol consumption certainly affects cognitive abilities as a consequence academic performance decrease.

The article definitely demonstrated that alcohol consumption is a negative influence over college students since affects all cognitive abilities that college students have to develop properly in order to acquire knowledge.

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