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About Poems

About Poetry

“The Two Roads” by Maritza Mondragon: is a poem filled of several feelings that the author expresses thought its words. Also, the feelings shown in the poem are well develop the author truly communicate feelings and emotions. Mondragon effetely states the message of the poem that the structure of the piece of literature is ordered to develop an understandable beginning, middle and ending. The Two Roads is developed regarding bad, good paths to handle life also how those paths are and at the end the author reveals that there is always hope for life. The poem accurately sent a message for everyone that read it.

“Why Was I Born” by Hector Mondragon: The poems is not very clear and organize because Mondragon does not really expresses feelings or emotions it seems like he was scare of express something. Also, the author is only complain about the situation of been the only boy in the house, and at the end Mondragon only writes that “we all miss you” for his big brother that died many years ago. In addition when the verse “we al miss you” is written it appears that he really does not wanted to get involve in the whole sentence because he feels too much pain but the feeling is not precisely imply in the verse.

“Daddy…?” by Jennifer Meyers: the author is expressing its sorry for been fatherless because her father was out of his life so Meyers is protesting the fact that her father abandoned the family but she do not regret that fact because she find other person that she can call father and he actually care for her. Moreover, Meyers wrote a poem that establish strong feelings about been rejected for a father, that is a common situation nowadays for children and adolescents. A great poem to read and to reflect about it.

“The Home of Jenerella’s” by Jennifer Meyers: a very well develop poem that states the situation of an adolescent which life is upside down because she is the one who run its home. Furthermore, the author feels depression for the fact that she do all the housework she feels like a mother although she is the child. In addition, Meyers came up with an interesting and smart title for the poem because Jenerella’s is a referring with Cinderella, also this whole Cinderella’s circumstance is not too far for the really these days because parents in the hurry of been 21st centuries parents it seems to lost the entire meaning of been a caring parent that worries for theirs kids concerns. The poem is reflecting realities in life.

“We Left Our Hearts Back in San Francisco” by Katie Persons: the piece of literature confirms the frustration feeling for a child when theirs parents decide to divorce, the kids are the ones who suffer all the consequences. The poem describes some of the situations that they have to get involve in because of the parents. The author really set emotions that everyone could feel related.

“I’m Not a little Girl Anymore” by Kim Ervin: the poem exposed the fact that teenagers commonly do not feel comfortable in their on skin, also the author was victim of abuse and as a consequence she run away from home hoping to find happiness but all that was not found. In the poem Ervin maintained that life is not so easy as she though is would be after she run away from home on the other hand this situation is common to happen in adolescents that were molested by a member of the family, a neighbor and others. Furthermore, is an appealing subject to write about because in every country is someone who have been abuse and people can feel engaging when read.

“Weekend Abuse” by Leah Cole: the author is complaining about one particular situation in life, she does not like weekends in home because is a mess. Also, she would like a quietly home in which she could rest but that is impossible because she have noisy nephews. The structure is well arranged as a reader you can actually feel that the author is been under some pressure however she is very proud of herself. The poem states a daily circumstance in which everyone can feel related with.

“It Should’ve Been Me” by Maurice Evans: the author reflects in the poem regrets because a friend of him was killed and for some reason he feels guilt about that. Besides, the poem explains the feeling of been hurt about the lost of someone who you really care about. Also, death is a fact in life for that matter is difficult to understand why someone loves by you dies and the author totally states that when he claims “it should’ve been me”.

“4 Brothers and 5 Sisters” by Erica Jones: happiness for belong to a lovely family, as the author describe it, is the emotion primary perceive in the poem. The author establish that this family absolutely enjoy the fact of been together. Furthermore, is a beautiful poem that expresses how important family is and how happy you came be if you have an amusing family to enjoy with.

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