miércoles, 16 de julio de 2008

"Teen Alcohol Use"

“Teen Alcohol Use by Fumika Yamamoto:

According to the essay written by Fumika Yamamoto the use of alcohol in teenager is a consequence of much deeper problems as family issues, social pressure among others. Moreover, the beginning of the use of alcohol is only the start of developing alcoholism because alcohol is a drink easy to buy even without an ID that certified the adolescent as an adult. Regarding the lack of awareness about alcohol Yamamoto (2005) states that, “there are many advertisements which show alcohol is a very attractive drink. This causes a situation in which teenagers think not only everybody is drinking alcohol, but also it's kind of cool and makes them look like adults”, in this way people do not realize that alcohol is a very dangerous drink that according to Yamamoto (2005) also affects all the system of the human body.
On the other hand, the essay also enlightens in the fact that college student that drink alcohol have a decrease in their academic performance. Besides, alcohol consumption is involved in others sort of unsafe situations as Yamamoto (2005) suggest, “Is the increased risk of injury or death because of car crashes, falls, drowning, suicides and homicides. Teenagers don't have enough experience about alcohol so that they don't know about intoxication”, so in that order is clear that alcohol consumption is not the smartest choice for an adolescent.

Alcohol is nowadays a big and raising market that attack not only adults but adolescent too. The essay written by Fumika Yamamoto (2005) has a strong opinion about the use of alcohol between adolescent and how complicated is the alcohol consumption. Is important to notice that society is been affected by alcohol abuse.

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